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My roomie brought these girls home from AX, his is the one in the s2000 that Young and I got him for his birthday. Doesn't she rock! Yeah the finger is actually supposed to be posed cutely by her mouth or to the side of her cheek. But it was unanamously agreed that it's much more fun having her look like she's giving you the finger. :3

I really need more.

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I haven't spent much time with mah girlies...I took a few impomptu pics tonight.
That and I won some sweetass clothes off ebay a few weeks ago, for $2!!!

My newest B, Gina

Choa's right chuffed about her new shorter hair and vintage Jordache jeans (from the afore mentioned ebay score).

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One day of work = one blythe


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Mah little wishlist of the currentish Bs:
Disco Boogie
Cinnamon Girl (one to keep normal, other to customize)
Love Mission (what the hell! I have a goldie! shouldn't that be enough?! nooooooo~ damn that aznbutterfly!)
and now...
I said I wouldn't ...but DAMN Fruit Punch is tempting...esp with THOSE EYES @_@
but I must remember that Pow Wow and Silver Snow will have them as well...

Please my little plastic mistresses...don't be so harsh!

I'm just glad I have cheap tastes...HA!

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Here's the Pullips and the little furniture set. ^_^

Zee, Aoi & Choa!
Zee is totally rockin' some mad Farrah bangs, Aoi's not too pleased with her dress, but Choa looooves her (and could really use a good brushing)

The little furniture set came with 2 shelves, the hinged box that Zee's kitty is investigating, a little bench, that cute afghan & matching pillow...AND...a mini-dress, matching leg warmers, & headband. (to be shown later ^_~)
I got the set off YJ auctions for...1000 yen! *jawdrop*

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At the...

Need I say I'm stoked? nyhohohohoho~~~

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On the dangers of bringing a twinkie to a Blythe teaparty.

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Doll show today! Yes, I'm stoked. Sometimes I don't even have to buy anything, I just like to look.
I do hope to find a few small things for the B's, I wish I had my Dollfie by now, but I've been bad and keep spending on smaller dolls. whoopsie!

I didn't even know there was going to be one until we went into this little doll shop and saw the sign about it.

Anyways when I get back I'm doing to do a ton of sewing...wheee! and upload the pictures I took yesterday.
Now...off to lunch and da show!

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My friend made this funny flash animation for my bday ^_^


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I just put down the money for my not so recent doll binge.
I figured it was for my b-day...and for finishing that dang novel-type-thing-editing nightmare.

Ok sure it still wasn't up to SD type prices...but it got pretty close!

But now I'm the happy owner of 4 new dollies O_O

Usually I don't like to get them all at once...I having time to play with each one and then happily waiting for the next one to arrive.

Maybe I'll do just that...I'll only open one and try to space it out.

BAH! Who am I kidding ^_~

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