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I realized last night as I was all zen-ed out handsewing a little dress that I haven't sewn anything in about 3 months. *shock*
I've now decided that I favor handsewing little Blythe/Una outfits...instead of having to supress the urge to pitch my sewing machine out the second story window.

And now it's off to Joann's to plunder their 99 cent pattern sale! YAAAAAAAAR!
and possibly some new material...to which the boy will sweetly complain...but you already have a ton of material at home that you still haven't used (the poor dears just don't understand the nature of sewing do they?)

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Una at Carmel-by-the-Sea

I'm just too lazy to go fix them up in photoshop tonight :P

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A 4 day weekend! I'm in heaven! I'll finally be able to get my dollsite all fixed up and have lots of pics to go with!

Also I was just sitting here and suddenly the names of my 3 pullips just came to me!
(I was originally going to preorder them from HobbySearch the SECOND they had those grainy pics up, but thought better of it...and did a little bin of all 3 off yj auctions several weeks ago)
So here's the names:

Wind: Choa
Moon: Zee
Street: Aoi

Wind gets a Korean name because to me she REALLY resembles the girl in the My Sassy Girl comic we've been working on. I'm even thinking of taking her to work with me for this reason ^_~

Anyways off to enjoy some much needed dollytime!

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There's a momolita licca!!!!


oh god...I'm sure she'll be just prohibitively expensive >.<

time to go flog myself with my nightly YJ auction browsing...

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I'm sad to see the This is Blythe forum go...at least it'll be up for about a month or so.
I love going there and reading the posts and seeing all the lovely pictures.
I know all too well the ups and downs of forum/ML moderation and the fragile atmosphere of online communities.
I'm endlessly fascinated by the nature of online community building...I should really go check out "Built for Community" again.

Maybe it's just that time of year...

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Yeah I finally buckled...and bought a FaPa

But just any...she's customized, with...PURPLE EYES!
I'm in swoonsville right now...seriously!

I decided that she's my reward for having to edit that novel in an inhuman amount of time.

196 pages!!! Ergh.

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I'm taking the plunge and starting a LJ solely to contain my doll obessed rantings & ravings.
I LOVE this new LJ layout and figured it'd be perfect as a gateway to my dolly site!
Now to start adding to the friends list, so I'll never run out of fun stuff to read.

First up...I need to be talked out of my want for Fancy Pansy! erugh!

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